Last Update: May 16, 2023

Additional updates will be applied as needed


The evidence is clear.  Adrian Malagon has ignored Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, when it doesn’t allow him to do what he wants (even though he pays lip-service to following those guidelines).  He has violated many of the bylaws (including the CCCLP, LPCCC and CA.LP bylaws), some of them multiple times.  He has violated the rights of some long-standing Libertarians by interfering with their ability to vote.  In violation of the Non-Agression Principle, he has committed fraud against the CCCLP and the CA.LP.  These actions are good cause to have him permanently expelled from the Libertarian Party.


Black Paper – This is the Black Paper that was originally distributed at the California LP convention on February 19, 2022 (with some minor edits to fix typographical errors).  It explains several of the ways that Adrian F. Malagon has violated the LPCCC Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order.


Addendum of 2/3/2023 -- This describes the censorship that occurred at that convention.


Deterioration since Convention 2022 -- This describes how some Members of the LPCCC were excommunicated and disenfranchised, in violation of the State LP Bylaws.


Addendum of 2/17/2023 -- This cites the California LP Bylaws that have been violated.


The “smoking gun” -- This is how we found out (after the fact) that the 2023 LPCCC Annual Meeting for Election of Officers had been held.  This is the same as “Exhibit 1”, below.


One of the privileges of Membership is Notification -- If the notification of the Annual Meeting for Election of Officers was inadequate, the CA.LP bylaws state that the County Central Committee should be declared “inactive”.


Request for Judicial Hearing -- Sandra Kallander’s official request to the Judicial Committee.


Complaint to the Judicial Committee -- Sandra’s actual complaint to the Judicial Committee.


Exhibit 1 – Once again, this is the “Smoking Gun” document, provided by the Secretary, Chris Edgar.


Exhibit 2 – The email thread where Adrian Malagon admits he’s going to stop communicating with Den Belillo (“You will no longer be emailed about any Party events by me moving forward.”).  Adrian did not (and still doesn’t) have the authority to ex-communicate legitimate Members – and Den Belillo is a Life Member.


Exhibit 3 – Sandra Kallander’s direct question to the Contra Costa County Chair regarding the upcoming meeting for the election of officers.  There was no reply from the Chair.


Exhibit 4 – Another admission that Adrian did not notify every Member of the CCCLP regarding the Annual for the Election of Officers.  As has been pointed out elsewhere, Members are not required to “opt in” to a mailing list at the county level, that’s to be done solely at the state level.  Also, notifications on “social media” are irrelevant, since there is no prerequisite to be a member of any social media in order to be a Member of the LP (or the CA.LP, or the CCCLP); in fact, you don’t even need to have access to the internet.


Kurt Schultz' affidavit -- Kurt’s Affidavit to the CA Judicial Committee, regarding Adrian’s failure to communicate, which led to Kurt’s disenfranchisement.


Judicial Committee Reply to Sandra Kallander – This seems to be another attempt to brush off the charges, although it is not a complete white-wash. 



Without applying adequate penalties to those that have violated the NAP and the various bylaws, the Judicial Committee is lacking in both ethics and fortitude; since they are not administering “justice”, their “principles” have less substance than a belch in a whirlwind.  Please note that this description does not apply to every member of the JC, just the majority of them.