Contra Costa County Libertarian Party

This site is dedicated to Individual Freedom and Liberty as championed by the Libertarian Party.

2019 Contra Costa Libertarian Party Activities

Help us as we bring the Libertarian Party's principles and message to Contra Costa County this year! We're working closely with local political organizations to increase the LP's visibility, educate the public on our positions, and join in local political committees and events.

Join us this month for a talk from Joshua Smith, candidate for Libertarian National Party chair, about relevant Libertarian issues.

We Are Libertarian

We are your friends, neighbors, and collegues who value individual freedom. Our core beliefs are idealized in the Declaration of Independence. We believe, as did our Founding Fathers, that Freedom cannot be compromised. Once Freedom is reclaimed from those who would oppress us, then we must be forever diligent, else it will be taken once again by those who see themselves as benevolent and seek power over us.

We are cautious with our trust of government. History has taught us that powerful individuals seek to gain power by instituting controls over the populations they wish to rule. Many good willed people believe that the government is in place to help provide them protection and safety from the challenges that life encounters. We do not reject this notion, but also recognize that governments throughout history have ALWAYS gained power and always at the expense of Liberty.

We are Libertarian. We are not Republicans, nor are we Democrats. We are uncompromising in our support of the United States Constitution. The Constitution asserts the absolute freedom of the individual and that government is of the people. We see a dangerous attack on our Freedoms and Liberty by the very local, state, and federal governments that are elected to uphold the ideals of Freedom and Liberty. We see flagrant and excessive abuse of our rights that are specifically protected by the Constitution. Abuses that are directed by these elected and unelected power seekers. We seek to peacefully remove these men and women from their power by the political processes that are available to us as citizens of California and the United States.

Come join us this month to find out how we're bringing the Libertarian Party's message into the mainstream over the next two years - and how you can help!

Local Libertarian Candidates